Hello again!

So I'm finally looking to replace my H67 motherboard to make full use of my Core i5 2500K, I've a budget of about £100 but the cheaper the better.

Here's the catch!

I definitely need/want 1 PCI-E x16 lane for my GTX580 (don't want x8 lanes), also need 2 other PCI-E lanes, preferably one being x1 and the other x4, one is used for my sound card, the other my tuner, a Blackgold BGT3595.

As its for my HTPC (Its a gaming one, everyones needs are different), my case is a mATX one , so I'm limited to a mATX motherboard, so whats out there?

BTW, I've a Q on how the PCI-E lanes work, I've seen boards advertised as having x16 lanes but go to x8/x8 once in SLI/Crossfire but as I'd be using the other lane with my tuner, would it still do this?