I cant get this little cow to work

I have followed common sense, and it gets me no where

I have an Audigy1 with a Digital Output. I understand that UT2003 supports Doilby Digital. ACE.

I have a Kenwood receiver that supports Dolby Digital.

I have DE activated AC3 decoding on my Audigy drivers.

I have activated the Digital Signal only box.

I have got my receiver input set to Digital.......


quote: A simple 3.5 mm minijack - RCA adaptor cable will transfer this signal into the SPDIF-In of most Dolby Digital Receivers

And.......this bloody multi jack thing sems to be playing the DIGITAL output rhough different connections on the mini jack!

So the front speakers are on one phon enad the rear on the other.

I know Creative makes an ALL IN ONE mini jack to plug into their own amp/speaker combos.....but CAN I GET THE MINI JACK TO JUST WORK ON ONE SONNECTION as AC3 really should be.....just a positive and an earth?

Cos I cant make it work....its eitrher fronts of rears...no 5.1 at all...least not on a standard 5.1 decoder

Anyone know if Im wasting my time? Reason is......I like to mess about