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Thread: Fan Controller Question

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    Fan Controller Question

    Having had to so some serious rebuilding of my shuttle this weekend I figure its time for a few mods. The first thing will be to get some mesh windows in to allow for more air. The rest of the shopping list looks like this...

    Vantec Iceberq4 CCB-A4C Copper VGA cooling kit with Blue LED (SY-001-VT)
    Coolermaster SLC-S41 Northbridge Cooler - Blue LED (SY-004-CM)
    Akasa Rounded Ultra ATA133/100/66 IDE Cable (0.45m) - Blue (CB-041-GE)

    I figure putting a rounded IDE cable will tidy things up and replacing the cooler on the 9800 Pro might improve things. The existing northbridge cooler is noisy as hell so Question 1. Any opinion on the Coolermaster?

    I have also considered this Vantec Nexus NXP-305-BK Fan & Light Controller - Black (OA-006-VT) as I am getting bored of the blank 3.5 panel. It comes with 2 x 4" cold cathodes which will look cool. However I know sod all about fan controllers, so Question 2. Are they only for "extra" fans - or can I hook up ICE fan/Northbridge and GFX Card cooler?

    I am also contemplating a push/pull setup around the back - probably another Noiseblocker S4 - would it be useful to have a fan controller for this?

    All help gratefully received!!!

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    No need for round cables in shuttles, due to the layout flat cables work much better in there.
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