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Thread: HELP Needed to set up 2 SATA Hard Drives In RAID O

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    Question HELP Needed to set up 2 SATA Hard Drives In RAID O

    I have got a new Biostar IDEQ 200N SFF unit, and i have got 2 Samsung Spinpiont 120GB SATA drives to fit in it,and set them up in a RAID O array now i have'ent done any thing with SATA drives before ,or RAID, so correct me if i am wrong.
    I have just installed them in the case,one in the hard drive cage,the other in the place where the floppy drive usually go's,then i have conected each drive to one of the onboard serial ATA channels .have i done it right ? .

    It is now that i do not no what order i should do things in,i no that some where i have to install seperate drivers for SATA and RAIDoff a floppy disk ,where do i get them from ? ,and do i have to configure the RAID in the bios ? and at what point do install the driver from the cd that go with the IDEQ 200N's motherboard ? .

    Can some please Help .

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    You need to create and initialise your array (sorry, but the manual on their website doesn't contain instructions) which will probably be done through the RAID BIOS rather than the main system BIOS (there will be a prompt afterward the main BIOS prompt).

    If you are installing WindowsXP, as the install starts there is a message prompting you to hit F6 to supply additiona drivers - this is what you need to do and the drivers ned to be on floppy so you will need to either connect one up temporarily or use a USB floppy.

    While we are on the subject though - you do realise that if you are using RAID0 and one drive fails that you lose everything don't you?

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