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Thread: Which PSU would you choose out of these..

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    Which PSU would you choose out of these..


    just deciding on a psu to finalise my pc for the g/f and can get either of these to keep within budget and what she needs (quiet)

    Antec TruePower 380 watt - £55 !!

    Antec Smartpower 350 watt - £47 ??

    Hiper PSU ATX 420 watt - £34

    the first two are from ebuyer and only decent psu are the antec ones..

    the 2nd is from komplett and they also do fortron but not in stock for a while...

    am going to get other pc bits from one of these 2 places so want to save on delivery which is why can only choose these 2 shops...

    I'm going slightly towards the hiper now as its cheap and reading a few reviews acutally quite good....

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    For a simple no overclocking PC the Hiper will be fine, although the Antecs are better, the 380 would produce more power than the Hiper but its probably not worth it (whats the PC Spec)?

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    Antec Smartpower are budget pos that are comparable with no-name branded psus, imo. From the techincal specs anyway.. they might use better components and be more reliable... but I wouldnt trust one any mroe than one of the psus that come with ebuyer cases (note that these are still a lot better than qtecs)

    You want a decent psu? goto scan, look for meridian psus (also known as CWT). These are almost comleatly identical to antecs on the inside. The design is the same, though some of the components differ.
    The 550w is technically identical to the antec truepower 550w, for example and should perform the same, but might look differnt, like the moxel cables are not sleeved...

    Hipers, in the past, have been known to fail quite a lot. I cant remeber but I think it was with a bang (although not killing other components.. iirc). I wouldnt trust one. As far as brand loyalty is stupid, here it should be used. If they were happy to make and sell psus that went bang, then they couldnt have tested them well enough, and so are not worth looking at...

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    Antec TruePower 380 watt - £55 !!
    if you consider that then you may aswell get the sonata case

    top case and top psu for what is really a very good price

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    thanks for the replies, its for the g/f and she wants the coolermaster centurion case to go with it

    rather only buy from ebuyer or komplett as after including scan to the delivery shop options bumps up the price....

    might just go for the antec then in that case, spec will be something like:

    athlon 64 3000
    gig of ram
    160 gig harddrive
    geforce 4 ti4400
    2 optical drives

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