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Thread: Can i run derive on a PDA?

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    Can i run derive on a PDA?

    HI all

    just started universtiy, and have been shown how to use a program called derive, its a maths program, and can work out almost anything, and as im nto very goo at maths i thourght it would be very usefull to have with me 24/7

    so do you think i could run it on a PDA?

    It says on teh website that the sys req are

    Derive 5 requires Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, XP, or 2000 (Minimum RAM and processor requirements are the same as the operating system requirements),
    a CD-ROM drive for installation, and at least 10 MB of free disk space.

    Derive 5 is compatible with the Windows XP Professional operating system, and as such, we expect Derive 5 to run on Windows Tablet PCs. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with the specific feature enhancements of the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. .

    Also could anyone recomend one?

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    I wish there was mathematica for a PDA

    However, the powerOne software for my Palm is pretty decent transforming this into a £250 graphic calculator!

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    I'm using Easycalc a free open source scientific calculator for Palm. It is a pretty powerful calculator if a bit graphically simple .

    Here is a summary of some of the functions:

    # Normal, Scientific and Engineering floating point mode
    # All functions you would find on normal scientific calculator
    # Unlimited number of variables and functions
    # Graph support
    # GuessIt function - it tries to find out, what the result means, like "pi/2", "e^(3/4)" and "47/23".
    # Integer operations (unsigned 32bit), conversions between Bin/Oct/Oct/Hex
    # Function solving through fzero' with three parameters - min,max and function, it solves the function (e.g. fzero(0:10:f()), where f()="x^2" will return '2'.). It is possible to write fzero(0:2:"(x-1)(x+1)") too.
    # Up to 15 decimal points
    # Scrollable results field
    # Complex numbers, including a basic guessit for complexes
    # Fast menu for selecting variables and functions
    # Results history
    # Normal/Polar/parameter graphs
    # Tracing of functions in all modes
    # Table mode for functions
    # Installable version of EasyCalc with no graphs, you'll save about 20K of space, installable version with/without special functions
    # Raffael added/improved many functions regarding some hard mathematics.
    # Added popup-menu for built-in functions
    # Some small changes to UI
    # If you select the text and press a function button (e.g. sin), the selected text gets inserted into the function.
    # Export to memopad. If you want import from memopad, write me, I'm not sure if it is a useful feature and I'll not add it until somone writes.
    # Function/variable name can have letters 'G-Z' and numbers as part of their name

    Check it out here.

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