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Thread: Compatible memory

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    Compatible memory

    This whole "upgrading you PC" is doing my head in! I've posted several times and have now finally decided what components I'm going to get (please don't offer alternatives, I don't think I can take it ) I've settled on:

    ASUS A8V Deluxe mobo
    AMD Athalon 64 3200 cpu

    but I'm stuck with the memory. What memory is compatible with that mobo? I'm looking for at least 1Gb (2 x 512 sticks) but I'll have more if it's cheap enough. I've been looking at the Kingston value Ram but the dual channel stuff doesn't seem to be compatible (I could be reading it wrong).

    Can anyone offer any advice. I'll have approx £200 to spend on it.

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    You don't need a 'dual channel kit' to run your memory in dual chanel, just two same sized sticks of RAM. Unless somebody has tested the Kingston with the A8V and found that it doesn't work, there's no other reason why it shouldn't work. I personally wouldn't bother buying a 'dual channel kit', it's just a way for the memory manufacturers to overcharge you by a few quid.

    If you want to be really sure, there's a list of 'qualified modules' that Asus have tested and found to work in the manual, section 2.11:

    Just because a module doesn't appear in the list doesn't mean that it won't work though.

    Rich :¬)

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    tbh the dfi UT 250 board is about £90inc from OcUK or cpucity and is a far better mobo in every respect (oc monster)

    memory wise id reccomend crucial ballistic (sp?) or OCZ EB, tho the latter may be difficult to get hold of

    They both seem to have the same chips (well very simular micron chips at least) and compliment the A64 platform very nicely, EB being the better of the 2

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