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Thread: Tagan 480 PSU went pop! All ends well!

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    Tagan 480 PSU went pop! All ends well!

    Bought one of these - dead quiet no probs, very happy until - turned on pc nowt happened, turned off, unplugged, checked connctions etc, turned on nowt, mobo (asus a7n8x) light still lit, turned off, waited, turned on - BANG!

    PSU blew, eletrical burny smell! eeugh! wtf!! Please, no God oh let my data, chip, mobo, gfx etc, etc be ok.

    Well in the end I put in an old no-name noisey psu - everything a OK!

    Returned said Tagan 480W PSU inc accesories to said supplier.....

    RMA went through nay probs and Bob's your uncle (oh yes he is I saw him in Tesco this afternoon and he said he woz) 3 days later new PSU arrives. Well done supplier!!!

    Not sure if this thread should go here but I believe good experiences (as well as bad) should be passed on.

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    Interesting, I didn't know that Aria had that domain.

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