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Thread: Potential Hard Drive Beef??

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    Potential Hard Drive Beef??

    I'll be buying a 120 - 160 Gb harddrive on saturday and I remebered reading on the MSI hardware forums that if you put a hard drive any larger than 80 - 120 Gb then it would have problems working...but this was with my old MSI k7n2g ILSR Motherboard.

    I know my current motherboard (which is an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe) will accept a 120 Gb hard drive but has anyone heard/know of any beef with 160Gb+ harddrives??

    I just need to be sure so i thought i'd ask the good people of hexus for any "horror stories"...

    Also does anyone know of any programs that can copy one entire harddrive onto another hard drive and resize the partition as well like this program:

    The trial version doesn't resize the partition of the hard drive onto to the new one.

    this will save me from having to reinstall windows...

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    The A7N8X will work fine. All boards made in the last three years should support 48bit LBA.

    WD have a drive imaging program that I used when I upgraded to a WD drive. Not sure if it works with non-WD drives though, and I'm not sure if it resizes the partitions either (partitions are too much effort as far as I'm concerned).

    Rich :¬)

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