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Thread: reccomend me a cheap PSU

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    reccomend me a cheap PSU

    i've been looking at these 2 for around £30 Hyper 425w from overclockers and
    jeantec 450W from pc world. All i know about PSU is not to touch a q-tec with a barge pole (and if you do to make sure you wash it afterwards). any advice appreciated

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    I bought a hyper 425w power supply a couple years back ie my previous gaming PC which is still used daily for office tasks. It's been fine for me. My current powersupply is an Antec 380W. I normally got 2 HDDs 1 CDRW 1 DVD + whatever CPU/GPU will run the currrent crop of games.

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    I could be in very serious trouble as my Q-Tec is starting to die...
    Anyone got any ideas of any retail stores that dont do flipping Q-tecs?
    Pcworld, Comet Currys anywhere??
    All I see in SRS Pc's watford and CEX is Q-tec...
    I couldnt believe the value of the 650W model for £35

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    Whatever you do, don't cut corners with your power supply! There's no point having a good system and ruining it with a cheapo PSU - especially considering it can take out your entire system. If I were you, I'd go either for Tagan or Antec PSUs - how future proof do you want the PSU, since Tagan PSUs are BTX compatible (the new motherboard format, instead of ATX). Tagan 480W normally goes for £65, although there are plenty of other, decent cheaper options.

    Brand is generally more important than wattage - stick with a decent power Thermaltake, Tagan, Antec, CWT, etc and you'll be fine.

    What system will it be running off? Future plans for the system, so that the PSU will last an upgrade?
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