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Thread: Building a Server

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    Building a Server

    Alright, I'm planning to build a server.

    It's mainly going to be hosting Counter-Strike 1.6 games.
    It will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
    It will most likely be running Linux of some kind or another, although I may create a dual boot system with some version of Windows.

    However, it will have to be running in my garage, which at this time of year experiences sub-zero temperatures. Can computers survive at these temperatures or will water vapour condense and damage the circuitry or something? If this is the case then I will have to consider heating it, as it will probably be in some kind of cupboard. A de-humidifier is not an option. However, are there other options?

    I'm guessing for my needs I will require maybe a fast processor and lots of RAM, but it will not be needing decent graphics and sound cards as it will be shut away in a cupboard during it's life. Also maybe a single DVD-ROM drive and a floppy drive. It will definitely have a network card, that must be compatible and supported by Linux.

    What I'm asking for is someone to reccomend me a processor and motherboard, as I am not familiar with what is best for servers, and I know nothing about makes and models of motherboards whatsoever. Also anything else anyone can reccomend.

    My budget is not massive, maybe around £500-£600 (Pounds - I live in the UK).

    I also already own all the required peripherals.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Water vapour condenses on cooler things, the server will be warmer if its on 24/7.

    CPU's work better the colder they are -180c is not unheard of.

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    As your going to be hosting s games server, wouldnt it be more beneficial to rent a server from a datacenter in the uk as they will house the server for you, provide a FAT pipe, deal with any hardware issues and you will be able to remotely administer the server.

    it will cost you a monthly fee of course but it may be worth it, or if your hell bent on making your own you could co-locate it in a datacenter then you dont have to worry about connectivity or weather conditions.


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    be careful if your garage is too damp you could give yourself a major headache down the line.

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    yeah, the garage bit its, Imho, stupid - but i guess its not my money is it?

    - also, i would consider the datacenter idea, if what you want is a relable server, but if your just doing it for fun, then do what ever

    - as for CPU/MOBO/RAM combos, i dont know much about servers, but if your trying to keep costs down you could just use a std desktop Mobo, which all have build in LAN, and you could get one with onboard video, get 512mb of somthink like pc3200 value ram, and a mobile Semperon or somthing,


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