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    Agile Messenger

    Hi all, im probably being really simple here but the Agile messenger program which is available for ppc, symbian phones etc, how much does it actually cost for you to be connected and send/receive messages through your mobile phone, i know it depends on what network your on, i'm on T-Mobile but i was just curious if someone could give me a rough ballpark figure..


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    I assume that you'll be connecting via GPRS. GPRS is charged at between £2 and £2.35, depending on your network.

    For a 20 minute conversation on my Nokia 7610, I generally use about 20kb of data. That's around 9p. Most plans come with a certain allowance of free use. My o2 contract includes 512kb, others are lucky enough to get a full 1MB or higher. It's worth checking with your network operator to find out.

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