I've got a strange problem with my new 'puter. I'm running an FX53 (o/c to 2.51) on Gigabyte's K8NSNXP Motherboard with F4 BIOS version. Everything is find and stable, but for some reason whenever I do a cold boot (at the start of a new day) the BIOS settings for the Hard drive boot order are wrong and so it won't boot. What I have to do is enter BIOS and change the hard disk boot order around (I've got 4 SATAS, 2 of which are on SCSI) so that the one with the OS (win XP) is right at the top. Then it boots fine for the rest of the day.

It's not a Motherboard battery problem as this is the only setting that keeps getting reset each day.

Any help would be appreciated!