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Thread: PDA Dell Question on Screen Res

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    PDA Dell Question on Screen Res

    Hello all,

    After Christmas i hope to have enough to get a nice PDA .I have started to look at the Dell Axim 30 Series of PDA but i am confused on what the resolution of these are. Below is a link to the page on the dell website which displays the models.

    Click Here

    What confuses me is why does the lowest spec model with no extras have a VGA screen and the high spec models only have QVGA?

    I am basically looking for a cheap PDA with VGA with wireless & Bluetooth and at the moment i think the dells look my best bet.

    Opinions on this would be good, do you think it might be a misprint?



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    They're all QVGA - it's a misprint on the main page. See Tech Specs for actual details.

    BTW, I've got an X3 that a user's had for a while, and one of our chaps just got an X50. Both lovely bits of kit, the X50 especially, but I don't think there's anything wrong with any of Dell's range if you want a PocketPC based PDA.

    That said, in this sector, the words "cheap" and "VGA" are usually only mentioned between fits of hysterical laughter. If you want VGA, you want the top-end X50v, and that'll cost you from £340.
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