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Thread: 3000+ winchester on true power 330w?

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    Question 3000+ winchester on true power 330w?

    Hi, I'm just wondering whether in the future(hold on as long as possible) if i did a straight swap with my board and proccessor for an 939 3000+ and whatever board, would it work with my antec true power 330W? Also, I have 1gb of pc2700 ram which i wouldn't want to just get rid of, could i use that with it aswell or would the performance suffer? Thanks, John.
    Cheiftech Matrix/xp 2600@ 2.3ghz/ Abit NF7 v2/1gb GEIL value dual channel pc3200@ 2.5-3-3-6/XFX 6600gt/80gb Western Digital boot disk/80gb maxtor for storage and games/LG cdrw/Nec 3500A

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    You could use the 330 watt as long as you don't overclock much and don't try to power extra fans, lights or water pumps.

    Yes you could use the PC2700, and of course the performance wouldn't be very good, but it could probably be stable at stock 333MHz speeds.

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