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Thread: SNG45 v2 posting problem

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    SNG45 v2 posting problem

    I recently purchassed a SNG45 barebones but i am having a problem. The problem is that when i turned the power on to the computer the first time, all i saw was a black screen and heard my fans whaling and my leds all lit.

    I then cleared the CMOS as that seemed the most reasonable idea which worked and i got to my bios setup. Once i set all my bios correctly, i saved and exited but when it restarted all i got was the same black screen with fans and lights going.

    I have tried to run the system with the minimal amount of items connected to the system (one stick of ram and an agp card), every part (two sticks of ram, agp, soundcard, dvdrw, hardrive, etc.), and a combination of a few parts at once. All the items i am using are brought over from an existing computer which also used the same nforce 2 chipset as the sng45 so there shouldnt be a problem. I also checked every item in the old computer again to test it and it ran fine.

    The only way im able to get the computer to load is to clear the CMOS again which lets me either go right to bios or to boot the harddrive. If i goto bios, no matter what i do even if it is nothing and exit it, the computer will just give me a black screen again. If i let the harddrive load it gets in fine. Though that is pointless because i need to alter my bios to change the cpu speed, memory timings, and all that stuff.

    Also I tried two different monitors on it too. One was a digital flatscreen and the other an older analog CRT. Neither worked. One more thing, I also tried an older ATI agp card on the system too (dont remember the model) but that gave the same results. Those two things rule out any graphics problems i guess. The only reason i tried that stuff was before i even cleared the CMOS.

    The contents of the computer are as follows:
    Shuttle FN45 motherboard
    AMD 2800+
    Radeon 9800 pro
    SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer
    Seagate 80 Gigabyte HD
    Sony DNU-710A DVD+-RW
    2x 512 Kingston Hyperx pc 3200 CL 2.0 memory

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    Has anyone seen a problem similar to this even on any other kind of MB?

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