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Thread: Does anyone know the db level of a P4 Retail Heatsink and fan?

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    Does anyone know the db level of a P4 Retail Heatsink and fan?

    Exactly as the thread title suggests, just wondering if anyone knows the decibel level of a standard retail Pentium 4 heatsink and fan? (P4 3ghz 800fsb Northwood, if it makes a difference) I can't seem to find the details anywhere and i'd like to try and get a quieter one. just wondering if anyone knew as it seems thats where most of the noise is coming from. It's either that or my northbridge fan on my Abit IC7, is there even anyway of getting a quieter one of those, or slowing it down (likewise for my cpu fan now that i come to think of it) as i'm not overclocking at all. what kind of temps should i be looking at running at to stay safe and if so how would i go about slowing them down? in bios i'd gather.

    cheers, sorry, didnt mean to go off on a tangent there.

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    There should be markings / codes on the fan itself. Put those into google, and 99% of the time, it will give you a spec sheet, or somthing simlar so you can figure it out.
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