I typed out a rant and just deleted it. Ah! that's better.
Basically, yesterday, bought PC kit from shop instead of mail order - to hopefully eliminate hastle.
I insisted that the AMD64 3500 CPU have a Winchester core. This is crucial as there is no room in my SLI design for too many unaccounted for extra lots of 22W of power.
Got home checked the OPN, and it is a Newcastle.
Also the batch was from week 34 of 2004. The shop replied to my complaint email and said that his wholesaler had told them the last batch they had were Winchesters. Can't believe that a business could brazenly make a mis-sale without bothering to check their deliveries. And I feel sorry for all the other customers who are cooking with the wrong core.
The shop implied that the CPUs were sent from the wholesaler recently, so, does anyone think it very likely that a wholesaler would have such old stock?
This is important as the shop says that they're getting more Winchester AMD64 3500 stock in on Friday and I don't want a CPU from an old batch. In the UK what batches would people expect to be getting if they were "fresh" ?