Due to me not gaming that much anymore, I was interested as to what kind of money i could possibly get from selling my pc, or parts of it - I don't *think* I will so please don't send me loads of pm's or anything. Thanks for your views on it: ( It's all in good nick )

P4C800-E - boxes with most of the boxes bits, usb plates/cables etc etc.

P4 2.6C Retail ( with box + unused hsf ) running at 255fsb 1:1 mode with stated ram/mobo

has an SLK-900, with 92mm fan

2x 512Mb Corsair 250/500 mhz (4200? cant remember )

9800XT - with retail box + the goodies it came with - hl2

Enermax 450-470 watts iirc around that anyway

2x 80 gb hdds, one maxtor another ibm - both pretty old now though

1x sony cdrw 52/24/52
1x liteon dvd rom + retail box etc

Also has a TV Card, winfast TV2000XP - with retail box

case is a Lian Li PC-75 - nothing major with it, no big marks or anything - could do with a clean mind.

also has a sunbeam fan controller, 6 internal 80mm fans.

That's about it, nothing grand and I think i got all the names of the componets right, made it quite a while ago now

Whole thing is running at 255 FSB as i said, prime stable, CPU doesnt run hot in mbm5 at that, i think the ram is the limiter, but was happy with the overclock anyway. ram is memtest passed etc.

Just an idea would be great, cheers