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Thread: which connector do I plug my sata drive into?

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    which connector do I plug my sata drive into?

    Want to use my sata drive as main drive. I have 4 options to plug the sata cable into my mobo, sata 1 or 2, primary or secondary. Which would I use. If I have my other 2 hdds plugged in as well, one set as master and the other as slave, how do I ensure that a: the bios uses the sata drive to boot from(is it as simple as changing the boot order in the bios?) and b: that they work properly together?
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    wait..........wen u boot up u will have to install the OS on the HDD.......and wen it asks u which drive to use put in which drive it is usin it as..........such as C: or D:...........the bios can tell u which letter the drive is on..............and i dnt use SATA so i dnt kno the connector but im pretty sure that its small and its ussually red

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    Just plug it into SATA1 if that's your only drive. Disable the Promise controller in the BIOS if you are not using it. SATA1 and SATA2 are for the VIA controller. The other connectors are for the Promise.


    There are no red connectors on the K8V Deluxe.
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