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Thread: opinions please

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    opinions please

    i need a lappy for work that i'll be using mainly in the office as my desk is tiny, i looked at shuttles and tfts but for the price i cant realy get any better with a desktop, anything else similar i should be looking at


    Amilo Pro V2020 D Pro - Price Drop!

    The V2020D is the most powerful XP Professional machine in this range, with a large 60GB Hard Disk Drive and 512MB of memory this machine is well equipped for heavy duty users.

    3 Year Collect & Return Warranty £79.95 (ex VAT)Special Offer!
    (Subject to stock - See accessories below to order)

    Intel Centrino Pentium M 725 1.6 GHz , 512MB DDR, 60GB, DVD+/R/RW, LAN/Modem, 15.1" XGA, b/g Wi-Fi, Win XP Professional
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