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That may be the case but actually AMD have used transistors that although are slightly slower, are a lot more efficient and therefore produce less heat. Because of this their power consumption is comparable to normal amd 64 processors so cooking mosfets should not really be that much of a problem.
Believe me when I say that this whole overclocking dualcore thing is not an issue. The Oppainters and Maccis of the world understand that dualcore chips are not going to perform well in most benchmarks. They also understand that dualcore chips will NOT overclock as well as singlecore no matter what. Serious overclockers will simply not be overclocking dualcores except for the very few who run multithreaded benchmarks. The 3D guys will not be interested in dualcores at all, just as they are not interested in dual CPUs. Now if your passion is being in the top 1000 in SETI crunching productivity with a single computer then dualcores will certainly allow you to do that for awhile (although multiple CPU systems will become cheaper and thus will also be showing up more often in the top 1000).

The only people who will be overclocking dualcores are likely to be crunchers trying to maximize productivity. These people historically are not extreme overclockers because their machines must run reliably 24/7 as they crunch. It's just not an issue guys.