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Speak of the devil, here is a roundup
Thanks for that viet cong

I've had a look but think i'll stick with the nexus for my dad's setup. Personally i'd love to get hold of a seasonic S12 as i'm going A64 with an X800XT myself in a few weeks. Did look at the 400w nexus which comes recommended on the silentpcreview list as well but i'm a bit dubious by the way it has dual rails yet only a 20 pin connector. I think I read on the anandtech forums that it wasn't a good idea to get a 20-24pin convertor for atx2 motherboards and you can plug the old connectors in to the new sockets but i think that only applied to single rail designs.

Think I might get the SLK3000B myself as well. Was going to get an eclipse62 but I'm starting to run over budget with this upgrade. I'll miss my lian li pc60 case but 4x 80mm fans is just too noisey. Back to steel for me.....