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Thread: SFF PC - Small / Quiet / Cheap

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    SFF PC - Small / Quiet / Cheap


    To build the smallest, cheapest and quietest SFF PC possible, running Windows 2K or XP.


    Internet, Emailing.


    Have access to a wired ethernet/broadband connection. Don't require a permanent CD-ROM drive. I can use an external drive for installing software.

    Looking for suggestions for a system (board, case, mem, CPU etc.). Is VIA EPIA the only option?


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    Hi i recently brought the following:
    Digimate barebones system from aria £50 (was on offer for £35)

    scan have similar system, probably better quality but slightly more expensive. With the benefit of faster memory and chip.

    Got a P4 2.2Ghz for £45 from ebay

    Had spare mem, hdd and cd-rom

    so total for me was about £100 when you add up p&p. All it does is plays mp3's and avi files through the TV. can surf via the ethernet port if I wanted and onboard vga very capable for 2d stuff (web, e-mail, office etc) hl2 probably not

    You can change the exhaust fans for others if it's too noisy.

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