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Thread: Best shuttle for overclocking

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    Best shuttle for overclocking

    What's the best shuttle for overclocking? I wanted to get the SK83G but was told it has a crap BIOS.

    Also what would be a good complimentary CPU for the best overclocking Shuttle? Althon64? P4? What type?


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    To be honest Shuttle is not the right choice for heavy overclocking unless you’re really prepared to get your hands dirty with grill cutting, tweaks, fan mods etc.

    BIOS options are not really that lightly to pose an artificial ceiling on your overclocking efforts. For what it's worth I have had good gains by overclocking A64 Shuttles like the SN95G5 (that said it has over well known problems). Got a 2.6Ghz 3500+ Winchester in it and it’s stable as a rock but I did several mods to get it stable and tidy.
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