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Thread: Help with budget workstation

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    Help with budget workstation

    I want something reasonable fast now that will take a dual core X2 CPU in the future. Best bang for buck or just plain cheap without being cr4p or unreliable. SLI/Crossfire not required. Raid not required. Overclocking features not required. Keyboard/mouse not required. I will need another OEM copy of XP Pro + Nero. If I could get my hands on a motherboard that has both AGP+PCIe I would delay purchase of the graphics card and monitors until the X2 upgrade. I won't be buying anything from Dell.

    Case + PSU?
    10K raptor
    939/3000+ A64
    2GB RAM

    Monitors probably viewsonic VP191b x2
    128mb Dual DVI graphics card

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    what is it going to be used for?

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    I need something better able to cope with 3D CAD drawings now and a better multi tasking environment in the future. I am modeling in 3D whilst viewing photo or video survey information plus all the other background stuff - email, firefox, anti-virus, open office etc

    If applications would open quicker and the system generally respond faster that would be nice.

    I'm wondering when the ULi Socket-939 PCI Express mainboards will be available since they have both AGP/PCIe running at full speed. Performance is not far from NF4 but it's cheaper and I can use my existing graphics card.

    EDIT: Digging deeper it comes down to the UK availability of the ULi M1695 like this reference board review
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