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Thread: PC for a narrowboat

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    Fair enough a 3.5" HDD will pull another 10 watts of power but put it this way: Look a the power rating of a single lightbulb.... think the generator can take it? You're going to be kicking yourself if you get an 80 gig HDD and the slim DVD will cost you £100 more on top of the price of a similar spec full-sized drive.

    If you want a small, power efficient system just get a laptop witha USB 2.0 TV card

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    Mike Fishcake
    Quote Originally Posted by scotty6435
    If you want a small, power efficient system just get a laptop witha USB 2.0 TV card
    That's probably the most sensible option, and more flexible as well.

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    On the power side, if it's a 12v DC suply it will be worth looking into the growing in-car PC scene. More specifically the Opus 150W Car PSU or simular. With that you don't need the energy wasting DC to AC then back to DC convertion. Makes a massive difference in power consumsion and you will be able to run it for much longer periods without the engine/generator running.

    That said, i would go with a laptop. You can carry that up onto the deck/roof and enjoy some PC action while sunbathing
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    Yeah, i agree that the laptop would be more flexable, and possabley better.
    - I was tring to condider all angles and possabiltys.

    Scotty. I know 10w is a huge amount, but it all addes up, the whole room is only lit with an 11w lamp! - And tis not running off a genny, its runing off batterys, charged up during the day of the engine.

    Dom. The case i was planning to use is the "Cubid 3677 Mini-ITX Vehicle Case 12V" which uses the Morex 60 or 80w 12v PSU. Very simular to the Opus, only a bit more PC-like. - Thanks very much for the links tho.


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