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Thread: Issue with Shuttle SB95P

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    Issue with Shuttle SB95P

    I have had my Shuttle PC for the best part of six months. everything was fine until tonight. Came home switched on and everything went wrong.

    Normally once I have shut down the PC Iswitch off the mainsat the wall leaving the switch on the PC in the on position. this means I can switch on the mains press the power button on the PC and away we go.

    Tonight is different. As soon as I switch on the main all the psu and ice cooling fans run at high speed even though the PC is still "switched off"

    If I press the power button it illuminates and the fan speed decreases. But I get no display or post / boot activity. Other than to notice that the monitor goes into standby mode once I press the power button. The fan on the video card only comes on when I press the power button so I am assuming that the video card, an XFX 8800 GT ddr3, is fine

    I have reseated all components checked for loose connections and reset the CMOs. nothing makes any difference.

    I assume I have a major fault somewhere on the motherboard.

    So before I contact the supplier in the morning I was hoping maybe someone may have a miracle fix or at least confirm my suspicion that this PC needs replacing.

    Kind regards and hpoing for the best

    Spencer Clark

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    I had this happen to my SN41G2 in May. Tried everything i know, different PSU, graphics, DVD, Hdd, memory and Cmos but nothing worked. I suspected the MB had failed so ordered a complete new system.

    Hope you get yours sorted out.

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