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Thread: IC7 Max3 NB Fan

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    IC7 Max3 NB Fan

    Hey guys turned on my computer today to here a whinning noise. Still there in fact..... Well its my NB fan. it seems to be slowly dieing. SPinning very slow now. Aint even had that long. Have had to for a gd while i guess but i always get Abit boards and the fans have never died before. Anyone know where i can get a gd replacement?

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    I have a feeling the zalman nb heatsink wont fit that board.

    Sometimes the fan makes little difference and you can run the system without it.

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    I have a IC7 max3 and the fan makes one hell of a racket when i start the pc up, but it calms down after a while, if u have a good amount of air flow in your case u can just unplug the fan because it has quite a big heatsink on it anyways,unless you overclock a lot, it might overheat then.

    check for some other replacement fans


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