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Thread: Problem installing Windows MCE on new build PC - help :(

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    Problem installing Windows MCE on new build PC - help :(

    My RAM finally came in the post today

    So I turned on my PC and inserted my Windows MCE 2005 CD....the Award BIOS screen boots up and the installation process begins....I'm then asked which unpartitioned area I want to install Windows in or whether I want to create a new partition....I press Enter to install it on my unpartitioned drive....I wait....I wait a little longer....bus to work drives by....I wait a little longer....I get pissed off, curse at the complexity of computers and turn off. (no sign of activity from the DVD drive)

    Now when I turn on the boot screen comes on and then it says "Boot from CD:_", but when I insert my Win MCE CD it doesn't boot

    Can anyone help me out here as I'm pretty much in the dark.

    I can't give all my PC details off the top of my head but I have:
    3.4Ghz Pentium 4 HT CPU
    1GB Corsair XMS RAM
    Maxtor 320GB IDE HDD
    Asus DVD-RW drive
    Shuttle SS56Gv3 barebones
    ....yeah, that doesn't really help.

    And another thing...what are the two MCE CDs for?

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      • Operating System:
      • Win 7 64bit
      • Monitor(s):
      • Dell 24"
      • Internet:
      • Plusnet Fibre 80mb
    reformat again if i was you

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    Damn, I don't have a floppy drive...[looks furtively round office for a drive that could be swiped]...

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