I purchased a SN45G v3 from a bargains section of an online store a couple of days ago. The shuttle itself is in excellent condition. However, I have one slight problem:

The CPU I have is a 1800+ 0.13micron core CPU I purchased from a guy I know on a forum. It seems to default to 100FSB for the CPU irrespective of how I set it in the BIOS. The memory runs at the rated speed (200FSB)

I updated to the latest BIOS from the shuttle website, cleared the CMOS jumper & loaded optimised deafults. I was then able to get the CPU running as a 1800+ (11.5 x133). However, when I shut the machine down & then restarted it was set to 100 x 11.5, no matter what I set the options in the BIOS to.

So do you think the shuttle is at fault or the CPU ? Ufortunately, I do not have another Socket A CPU or motherboard to test with.

Its just that the shuttle only has a 30 warranty being 2nd user & the clock is ticking

System Spec:
Shuttle SN45Gv3
2 x 256MB P3200 Twinmos on Twinmos
Samsung Spinpoint SATA 80GB
Nvidia 5200A GFX
Acatel PCI ADSL Modem