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Thread: overloading psu? need help

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    overloading psu? need help

    after about a month of anticipation i finally recieved all of my parts and put together the newest addition to the family. Abit IC7-G, Intel p4 2.4ghz 800fsb with 1 gig pc3700, 120gig maxtor SATA system drive and 160gig seagate eide for storage. Radeon 9600pro agp and a radeon 9200se PCI. also a video import/tv tuner card and wireless lan. all this on a 350 watt psu that came stock in an aspire x-dreamerII case. everything was going fine untill i started hooking up my usb scanner... for some reason my system locks up before testing the system memory if the usb cable is connected ... any ideas of the problem?? my specualtion was that perhaps i am overloading the psu but that's just a guess because in cmos the system health is showing lower than spec voltage for every category.

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      • 4gb DDR2 FB-Dimm
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      • 1x1TB, 1x320gb, 2x500gb, 1x250gb, 120GB SSD
      • Graphics card(s):
      • Nvidia Geforce 560Ti
      • PSU:
      • Mac pro PSU
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      • Mac Pro Case
      • Operating System:
      • Windows 8
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      • 1x22" LG 3D TFT 1x 19" ViewSonic
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      • 80mb BT Infinity
    sounds like its a bit overloaded, you got a lot of power hungry things there, but i wouldnt rush out to get a bigger one just yet, 1st you need to test all the bits.
    try the scanner on a diff machine see if it messes that one up too. also try booting without the 2nd video card or HD but with the scanner installed. this if it does work with the scanner in and a few its unplugged then it means ive v.likely to be a power shortage

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