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Thread: RAM advice needed

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    RAM advice needed

    I have an old Dell 2500 Inspiron with 256MB ram which I use and abuse around the house or on holiday.

    I'd like to add another 256 if possible but according to crucial this is some £88!

    Don't think the laptop is worth that!

    Specs are:

    SDRAM, PC100

    Is there anything else I can count on reliably to work (bearing in mind there is already 256MB of the above spec ram in there).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Lovely brand memory is expensive, i know.

    You need a double-sided stick, PC100 or PC133. CL2 timing at PC100 recommended. Make sure it has so called 32x8 or 32Mx8(=2 banks) structure, a 64Mx4-type does not work with Intel chipsets. Non-ECC(=parity) and unbuffered/non-registered.

    Some kind of brand is also recommended: Kingston, Infineon etc...

    You may try to get some 2nd hand stick first. If unsure, get/let show you a SPD.txt from CPU-Z(About>Memory SPD).

    Price should be around 15.

    Quote Originally Posted by example from my 3rd stick in CPU-Z
    Module #3

    Memory type SDRAM
    Manufacturer (ID) Hyundai Electronics (ADFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
    Size 512 MBytes
    Max bandwidth PC133 (133 MHz)
    Part number 7V63801BTFG-75

    Number of banks 1
    Data width 64 bits
    Correction None
    Registered no
    Buffered no

    Timings table
    Frequency (MHz) 100 133
    CAS# 2.0 3.0
    RAS# to CAS# delay 2 3
    RAS# Precharge 2 3
    TRAS# 5 6
    While size is 256MB, your module needs to have 2 banks!

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