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Thread: Abit NI8 Motherboard or PSU?

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    Thumbs up Abit NI8 Motherboard or PSU?

    I have an Abit NI8 mobo which is reporting the Temp of the CPU at 50-52 on idle

    1) is this normal idle temperature for the mobo?

    I contacted abit technical support and they are advising to change the PSU, have tried that once already
    (Jeantech first trying Tagan tonight)

    2) could the PSU be the cause for the high temp?

    I checked the abit Manual and the BIOS voltage settings are identical to my current settings, so thats why i am querying it,
    does anyone have a similar mobo with the same issue?

    I will feedback on the Tagan PSU tonight to see if the PSU is the cause

    CPU: P4 3.4g 650, with the standard boxed Intel heatsink
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    Change the PSU , they must be joking.
    Its the heatsink and fan sat on your CPU that affects the CPU temperature.
    The only way a power supply could have any effect is if it has no fan and is not sucking the air from inside your case and blowing it out the back of the power supply.

    As for are the temperatures normal it depend what CPU and heatsink you have.

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    Just tried the Tagan and still the same issue. . . put Far Cry on and within 2 minutes it dies on me. . am going back to ABit technical support on this and see what excuse he can give me now

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    OK have found the source of my problem . . it was ME!!!

    the CPU fan was not seating 100%, and was a B**** to re-seat,

    thanks to everyone for their help

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