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Thread: HELP! SN25P fan duct removal!!

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    HELP! SN25P fan duct removal!!

    I received my SN25P barebone in the mail today. In the installing CPU and memory portion, I was told to remove the fan duct for now. However I don't know how to do it... The manul just says to gently pull up, but it doesn't budge. Most online guides tell me to "Unlatch", but I just can't figure out what that means. Am I supposed to remove the bkack piece on the bottom at the 2 hooks? And the left side seems stuck too.

    Please help, thanks

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    at the bottom right hand side as you look at it there are 2 hooks that attach to 2 metal hoops on mobo, press in the black plastic tab gently and also lift the shroud vertically as you do it, it should lift out of 2 slots on upper left hand edge of shroud as you lift, IIRC it was a bit stubborn 1st time I removed it.

    dont worry tho, I was a bit hesitant as well and this is my 3rd SHuttle to date
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