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Thread: Lack of sound

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    Lack of sound

    Those of you familiar with the setup of the wavemaster might be able to help me here.

    > I unplugged and removed the usb/fire,mic,audio ports from the top of the case. (The ports udner the flip thingy)
    > I then fitted a fan into the gap,(where the ports and flip lid used to be)
    >My headphones are still plugged into the onboard sound card that came with the asus a8n sli mb.(i.e, not the ports that i just took out)
    >I now have no sound. I reinstalled drivers and checked connections

    Unplugging the unused ports under the flip lid must have done this, but im not sure why, or how to get my sound back

    Please help. games suck without sound
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    With the audio ports on the front they work in a send/return sequence, so that even if your speakers are on, when you plug headphones in no sound comes out. Basically you need to bridge the send/return so that it now comes out the rear connections. (iirc it should just be standard jumpers, read your manual for more info tho), and voila, you should have sound again

    Hope this helps


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