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Thread: water cooling

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    I do agree that since 7200rpm HDs arrived there has been a significant increase in both noise and heat output, even with the use of FDB (AFAIK all but WD use it). However Maxtor PATA HDs have Acoustic Management sw which can make them totally silent and without impacting perf too much ... best in my eyes. Otherwise Seagate would be the next best choice, not as fast as Maxtor or WD but known to be quieter and cooler ... still audible to us picky ones I'd bet.

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    maxtor AM does sweet fa tbh... its not the seeks that are annoying.. hardly notice em atall.. its the 7200rpm... sticking a hdd in foam will take away almost all of the niose caused by it spinning, but for 7200rpm drives u need ways of removing heat aswell - water is perfect for this.
    i have a silent drive enclosure thing, its is turd at removing heat (the heatsinks are made of steel iirc - pointless.) and the foam isnt nearly thik enuf to silent a drive, but its noticable. i dont recommend them, due to being VERY badly deisgned. ideal way of removing heat would be this:


    --- square copper pipe, with hdd in middle with copper plate touching hdd taransfering heat, with themal paste or pads

    /\/\/ - foam, covering all sides.

    i will be making my own one of these soon, copper pipe is cheap, copper plate can be made from copper pipe cut down the middle, heated and flattened, foam can be bought some where, which ill find later...
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