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Thread: Have I been ripped off on Ebay - RAPTOR?

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    Have I been ripped off on Ebay - RAPTOR?

    Hi I hope one of you can help cause its driving me mad, and I need to sort it before I run out of time for a refund.

    PROBLEM 1 = I bought two Raptor 74gb. With power attached 1 of them spins and clicks which apparently is normal. The other spins but does not click and comes with an error in the RAID config asking to check the cables.

    My system is :
    AMD 64 3400
    Asus K8Upgrade VM-800
    2 gig ram
    2 80 gigs IDE Drives.

    PROBLEM 2 = I disconected the one that does not click, and tried to install the other. I noticed it is recognised in the RAID so presume it works. My problem now is that I can't seem to install it. When connected alone with no other IDE's, it hangs after basic boot up on the Boot Menu or Enter Setup screen.
    My plan was to use this as the RAPTOR Sata as my operating system. I tried to follow the instructions, but you know what they are like. I created a floppy driver diskette for SATA drivers, but can't get to the point where I install them using the windows install disk, as I can't get past the Boot Menu/Enter Setup.

    I am going ouit of my mind, cause I hate getting sent broken stuff through Ebay, and am not too sure if it is my thick brain not working properly trying to install the drives.

    Could someone please help, with the above and maybe a step by step instructions (Simple) to install it. (I am pretty sure the other might be broken)

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    Ok..... managed to get one of the Hardrives working through windows, beleive it or not but it is the other one that does not click.

    I still have the other problem of trying to do fresh install of Windows.

    The other harddrive I am not sure about.... I can get into the [TAB] RAID setup utility, however the details are different than the one that works in that :-

    Working Raptor = Seriel number HDUHW89 - Something
    Not Working Raptor = Seriel Number FHFSJIEIE -

    P.S the seriel number thingy is made cause I can't remember the details, but the one that is not working is missing the number/letters sfter the dash.

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    I once had a problem with my Raptors, turned out it was a cheap Y molex power splitter, you wiggled the power adapter and one of the Raptors cycled out and span down. Something really simple but maybe you could try a different power adapter on it?

    Also, not sure if you are aware but I belive the 74 Gb Raptors came out in about 2003 or 2004? All Raptors carry a 5 year warranty, might be an idea to check out getting a WD RMA online and if you can, send the non-working one back.

    Frustrating, and annoying, but if it is broken and you can get a replacement all is not lost.
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    Is this a case of having to press F6 when installing windows so you can install the sata drivers? It is easily missed.
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