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Thread: now this is over the top!!

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    now this is over the top!!

    O MY

    Gigabyte's idea of building a motherboard that would support as many as four PCI Express graphics cards is not quite new. In fact, we were asked for our opinion on such a product as early as May, when we spent some time in Taipei, Taiwan for Computex. Okay, it was four PCIe slots then. But even before knowing any technical details, we were already quite confident that the realization of this project actually was not far away.

    this ****s crazi man
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    That SURELY can't be a passivley cooled northbridge? And might I just add as a parent with two children, I'm NOT paying that electricity bill. Also I guess a 300 Watt passively cooled PSU is out of the question?
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    This is the 3rd repost I have seen on Hexus about this lol

    Even I posted one (The first one too )

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    now where whould you put 10 monitors (LOL)

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