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Thread: Cant access Hard drive

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    Cant access Hard drive

    I was running a 250gig Western hard drive in a icy box i was running it with usb so i thought i would try firewire but now it has messed up,when ever i try to open the drive in windows displays a message H:\ is not accessible the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
    I have tried the drive in 2 different machines running xp and the same problem i now have the drive on ide.
    There is a lot of stuff on the drive which i don't want to lose i could format the drive and then get the stuff back with get data back software.
    Any ideas what i can do to get windows to open the drive?

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    Allo mate,

    Did you ever resolve this issue, I've just got the same error message today with my external usb hdd.
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