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Thread: Akasa 862 cooler too high for chenbro hornet

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    Akasa 862 cooler too high for chenbro hornet

    Bought a chenbro Hornet case + S754 foxconn matx + sempron 64 2600+,
    and an Akasa 862 cooler. Everything fits.....apart from my optical drive.
    The fan on the cooler is about a centimeter too high up for the drive to fit, as it is placed over the cpu (the cooler is 7 cm tall). Can someone recommend me a low profile silent (and cheap!) cooler?

    If I shift the fan two centimeters to one side of the heatsink, the optical drive would fit. Is this a recipe for 1 fried cpu or should it be fine?

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    shifting the fan is probably not the best idea, semprons run pretty warm as it is. If it was socket a Akasa do a low profile one. Would a stock hsf not do the trick?? or maybe you could try wich is low profile one. Not v expensive either

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