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Thread: Abit AI7 Fan replacement

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    Abit AI7 Fan replacement

    Hi all,

    My wife has a PC with an AI7 mobo in it - about 18 months old I believe. Recently, the "chipset" fan (connects to NBFan socket - circular heatsink around fan) has started to make "grinding" noises, which I am putting down to a failing bearing. The additional downside to this is that the Abit Guru picks up on the slow fan speed and sets off the "alert noise". This makes more noise than the failing fan!

    It can be temporarily fixed by opening the case and quickly touching the fan until the noise stops, but this is both inconvenient and rather dangerous!

    We would like to replace this with another fan (possibly one with better cooling capacity), but have no idea of the spec or mountings for the fan (and heatsink). Please could someone recommend a suitable replacement (ideally one stocked by Scan, as I tend to use them as "preferred" supplier).

    Many thanks in advance for your help...
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    first off hi all
    i also have the same problem i have looked on the abit website but could not find a replacement fan mine is less than 12 months old but i dont want to send the mother board off to get a replacement .,..
    is there a way to get an orig northbrige fan?

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    cant you disable the guru thing for the nb fan? If you can, i would suggest a zalman passive and effective.

    Abit should sell a replacement, have a word in the abit section of these forums

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