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Thread: Sata noob

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    Ok, well the HDD arrived today, took out the old pata drive, stuck it in, conected it up, after a (unessary) minor panic about wether i have a sata power lead, which i do.
    - Fired it up, whacked the winXP cd in, went to setup windows, and it tell me i have no HDD. "press F3 to reboot".

    Im guessing i did somthing wrong then?
    - I had a rummage though intergrated periferals, cant find anything sata-like to enable, just the raid/sound/lan/etc
    - Also, cant find any sata drivers on the web, and it certainly didnt come with any.

    Im going to have a look now (ive just stuck the old pata drive back in pro-tem to get online)


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    Well, ive got it all sorted now, having found the 'raid' drivers to be the righ ones.
    - And i figured out a way of conecting the old HDD up at the same time, and still geting it to boot of the new drive, using a ata>sata addapter i had.

    Just a few questions.
    - Firstly, sata is ment to be plug-n-play right? Obouvouly i can plug/play the system drive, but what about the old one, via the ata/sata adapter?
    - Also, i used to use MBM to montier the temps of my ata drives, can i moniter the temps of sata drives?

    Thanks, Daniel

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    With regards to MBM being able to monitor the temps of SATA drives it works fine on mine, so I don't see why it shouldn't work for you, just enable it the same way you would the PATA drive.

    However I wouldn't know about the drive being hot swappable through the adapter.
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