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Thread: Help with extending my hard drive

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    Help with extending my hard drive

    I've just installed a second hard drive (74 gig Western Digital Raptor) in my PC, as I am running out of space on drive c: I use 3D rendering software (Cinema 4D) and therefore use a lot of textures in the form of jpg and tiff images which take up a lot of space, hence the second drive.At present the textures are stored in "My Pictures" which enables me to view the texture images within the program (Cinema 4D) prior to applying them. What I am trying to achieve is to store all my texture images on my second drive E:. Problem is though because these are no longer within "My Pictures" I am unable to view the actual images, all I get instead are the file names with either a jpg or tiff icon next to them.Obviously this is because they are no longer stored within Windows "My Pictures" file. I've tried moving the whole of "My Pictures" file from the c: drive to the e: drive but could still not view the images, they still only appeared as individual file names.
    I assumed that when I installed the second drive it would be an extension of my c: drive (which is my system drive) but instead it seems to be seen as a totally separate drive. Can anyone tell me how to configure my second drive so as it's an extension of the original c: drive???????????? Operating system I'm running is Winows XP Pro.

    Thanks for any help you can give

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    Easiest way is probably to mount the extra hard disk as a folder on your system drive, then redirect your "My Documents" folder to it.

    These 2 KB articles should be able to assist:
    How to create and use NTFS mounted drives in Windows XP
    How to Change the Default Location of the My Documents Folder

    To view images as thumbnails when the folder containing the images is open in Explorer click View then Thumbnails.
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    hi there,

    thanks for the links, that last bit of info is all it needed, i can now view the images ive moved over to my drive e: ok.

    many thanks for your help )

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