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Thread: Asrock K8NF4G-SATA2 mobo and Speedfan

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    Exclamation Asrock K8NF4G-SATA2 mobo and Speedfan

    For those of you who are thinking about buying that cheap Asrock motherboard, beware.
    It doesn't seem to be supported with Speedfan 4.27

    SF reports the speeds correctly, but when you change them, nothing happens, the speeds remain at full continuous-12V-speeds, i.e a rather loud 3800rpm for the system fan and 3200rpm for the AMD fan (CPU was a PIB bundle)

    And in my case, I have the worst of both worlds - bought a semprom 64-bit enabled 2800+ and that particular chip from AMD as well as those below it spec-wise, don't support Cool 'n' Quiet

    So I have a loud mini PC where neither AMD's technology nor the motherboard + speedfan combination can do anything about it.

    I've tried voldmodding the fans with a test lead of mine, and the CPU fan is fine at 7V and the chip doesn't overheat, even under continuous stress loading (stays below 40 deg), the system fan at 5V is barely audible and still gets some airflow going.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I could try MBM5 or some other monitoring program, but I guess that it's a motherboard hardware feature that's not available so changing the software want affect anything.

    On a sidenote, this microATX system is one of two that I've built over the last few days, and they're connected to a server running W2003SBS. The irony of the whole thing is that the server has the uATX NF4 Gigabyte motherboard and that's running fine with SF - only that the overall noise reduction there is insignificant because I've put in 4 HDD with the 4-drive SATA backblane caddy system which makes a racket of a noise with the fan in it

    Looks like I really have goofed up the selection of parts for this networked system. Oh and one final rant which I only realised after assembling: why oh why can you not get a S754 NF4 uATX mobo with GbE ?!?!? All S939 have gigabit speed so why for the sake of a few pennies cripple the S754 versions.Grrrrr

    Rant over

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    not sure but maybe this will help you....




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