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Thread: Some Advice on Upgrade

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    Post Some Advice on Upgrade

    Hey ,

    Well i'm new here but my old system blew up today, 2100xp+ with 768mb ram a7v8x mb with a geforce 4 ti

    So i want to upgrade to something that works ! - was thinking the Asus A8N-VM and AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and then sticking in my old ddr 333mhz ram - is this all gonna be ok, does this seem like an alright system i don't really game about from gta its mainly for photoshop indesign dreamweaver and flash.


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    Hi there, welcome to the madhouse!

    Unlucky about your rig expiring. you certainly can use your current RAM (so long as it survived the explosion) in your new motherboard, it won't run as quick as DDR400 obviously but if you're not gaming then I wouldn't imagine you'll notice.

    That motherboard looks pretty decent, you've got the option of adding a faster graphics unit on PCI express if you decide the onboard one isnt fast enough for you later on.

    Should do lovely for the software you mention, I run basically the same lot on a 1.8GHz Dell P4 thing with 384Mb of slow RAM and its fine.
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