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Thread: Kingmax RAM

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    Kingmax RAM

    Aria have this stuff and it seems pretty good value for money. I am after some good overclocking ram as i am planning to get an opteron 144. Does anyone have any opinions on it? They have the hardcore which is ddr500 pc4000 and the turbo which is ddr400 pc3200

    I was tempted to go for 2gb but they only do the faster stuff in 512mb sticks. I was under the impression that having 4 512mb sticks would slow things down somewhat. Am i right?

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    Id say theres probably better overclockers out there. Geil, GSkill, OCZ if u want real good overclocking then your gunna pay for it. Geils timings tho are quite lax so for a budget overclocking solution they might be something to consider. Nforce 4 i think isent keen on 4 x 512 for some reason so speed may decrease - some one will may correct me on that point

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