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Thread: Advice pls- printer & laptop cooler

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    Advice pls- printer & laptop cooler

    O.K. I am looking for a new printer, at the mo I have an Epson C82, but as our printing requirements tend to be sporadic the print head keeps blocking, and the print quality is now c**p,

    I am looking at the Cannon ip5200R as I can use it wirelessly for all the houses comps. Anyone own this printer?, can you confirm the print head is on the cartridges? any info on real world ink usage?

    Also I am looking for a laptop cooler for the wifes laptop, the problem is that, silly girl she is, she does insist on using it on her lap! Almost all of the coolers I have seen exhaust to the bottom and so are useless for using on your lap! The only one I have seen that looks like it doesn't is an Evercool one but I cant find a UK supplier

    Anybody able to help on this one?

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    On the printer front... Yeah Canon are pretty cool (or at least they have been up until now). The printhead is a completely seperate entity to the cartridges on this type of printer and best of all the cartridges are simple plastic cases with a sponge block in... So easy to refill or buy alternatives for.

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