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Thread: Looking for 2 HDD's

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    Looking for 2 HDD's

    I'm looking for 2 large-ish HDD's.
    These are going to be run 24/7 in and HTPC for storage of films, music etc. rinning in raid 0. I am looking for reliability due to the amount of data and time involved and as silent as possible.
    I have seen these
    but some say the Maxtors seem not to be not as reliable as the where.

    Any thoughts or sugestions.

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    If you are using it as a Media Center Edition PC (harddisk recorder, TIVO type setup) you should stick to PATA drives, and do not RAID them. Something like this:

    Some HDR software doesn't like SATA drives, and HDRs don't need super fast drives in them. If you want a faster overall system get two small SATA drives and RAID 0 them for your OS and most programs, and use large PATA drives for data.

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    I would consider these:
    or these:

    Both of these should be ok as they are certified for 24/7 use...

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