I nicked my parents epson 880 a few months ago, but now there heads have packed up for good (see other thread) so im left looking for a half decent printer thats going to be cheap to run.
- I juat about got though a full set of carts in 880 in my first term before it died, so i dont what to be paying £50 everytime i run out of ink (if thats possable)
- I mainly print text based stuff, but with colour photo/diagrams in it too.

So im just wondering what people think of whats on the market.
- The 200r seams to get good reveiws, but it might be a bit over-budget
- Canon seam to be back-in-favor all of sudden, and certainly our ip4000 is a good al-rounder and the whole two diffrent black cartaratges seam qute clever.